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using cron to power up and down the machine with a dell inspiron 3500

		How do I make my dell inspiron 3500 start up to run certain tasks and
then shut down again? I don't know that leaving laptops on all the time
even if using AC power is a good idea, as it does get noticably warm after
long use. I use a special speech patch called speakup that makes linux work
on a text console, so x-windows doesn't have any place in what I do in
linux, so those bugs don't apply. I thought in windows-98 had a schedule
option that said, wake up when time to perform task, I tried to test it,
and the machine wouldn't boot up at the time I chose to run the action. If
I ever have to use the laptop as my only computer, I'd like to be able to
record streaming audio on it and have the machine start when the show is
almost ready to begin, make sure it's connected to the internet so modem
noise isn't recorded, record the program and shut down, is there an easy
way to do it, possibly that doesn't involve playing in the bios every time
I want to change my tasks to run? I know my modem goes through the sound
system because I tested with external speakers, and I heard modem noise
through them. How do I configure cron to power the machine up when it's
time to do the task? I can set ppp to boot up with the machine
automatically, but don't want the task always running when I connect, just
when I connect after powering up from that interface. I don't really want
to record other stuff over the file I wanted to listen to whenever I start
my ppp.

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