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Keyboard repeat rate

I notice that after resuming from a suspend, the keyboard rate is
woefully low.  I set about correcting that problem by dropping this
script into /etc/apm/events.d:


case "$1" in
    case "$2" in
	if netstat -na | grep ':6000' ; then
	    xset -display :0 r rate 150 30 

Problem is, it doesn't work.  Indeed, just running the xset command
on a command line doesn't do anything.

However, if I set the rate by going into the Gnome control center, it
does work, and the xset command works as normal after that.

So the question is why does 'xset r rate' not work until after I've
used the Gnome control center?


Debian Woody
Custom Kernel 2.2.16
Dell Latitude 7500.

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