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Re: lame hack to get dhcpcd and friends working...

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, <star@betelgeuse.starshine.org> wrote:

>> From: "Daniel Pittman" <daniel@danann.net>
>> > > i'm using dhcpcd, so i don't know whether there is something
>> > > analogous i can do.


>> > Well, I could see some advantages in there being a standard
>> > shell-script provided that did relevant things when the address of
>> > the machine changed. Maybe I should clean up my scripts and put
>> > them up somewhere...
>> that would be appreciated.  now if those scripts were to make it into
>> a debian package...
> I know *I'd* certainly appreciate seeing 'em. It's so annoying to
> watch an ssh link politely remain "alive" (but useless) awaiting a
> link that can never return because the DHCP lease died and I get
> reassigned.

Ah, now *that* is a problem that cannot be solved so easily. The problem
that can be fixed by restarting services is the issue of daemons that
listen to a local TCP/UDP port.

Sessions already in progress are a lost cause, unfortunately.


Great minds discuss ideas, 
average minds discuss events, 
small minds discuss people.
        -- Laurence J. Peter

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