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ANNOUNCE: Linux Mobile Guide


today I have finished the Linux Mobile Guide
(former Linux-Laptop-HOWTO). The first book on mobile Linux.

The guide is available at 
LiLAC - Linux with LAptop Computers

The printed version is available under the title 
"Linux on the Road".




v3.0 20 June 2000, 
format changed to DocBook, title changed to "Linux on the Road 
- A Guide for Laptops and Mobile Devices" (Linux Mobile Edition), 
license changed to "GNU Free Documentation License - GFDL", 
added link to Digital-Camera-HOWTO, finally found the URLs 
of the FreeBSD-Mobile mailing list and of the 
Laptop Survey / FreeBSD - LTS, removed ToDo chapter, 
rearranged order of sections, chapter Other Resources 
much extended, minor changes

-= LiLAC    - Home of the Laptop-HOWTO http://home.snafu.de/wehe =-
-= Xtops.DE - Laptops und PDAs mit Linux http://xtops.de         =-

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