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On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Stephen Turner wrote:
> Having partitioned my disk (Partition Magic 5.0) and turned my laptop
> (Packard Bell EasyLite FX500) into a dual boot machine (Windows 98SE /
> Debian Potato), I get the following error message on booting up:
>   "Invalid HIBERNATION Partition.. run HDPREPEZ or AMI Save to File Utility"
> Well, I ran HDPREPEZ as suggested, and it seemed to cure it, but only until
> I booted Linux again, whereupon the message reappeared the following time I
> booted up.
> So, how should I fix it permanently? Do I need to repartition, reserving
> a partition for the hibernation stuff (I see this is an option in
> HDPREPEZ.CFG). Or is there an easier way?
Whenever I use partition magic and start playing around with the number of
partitions I have on the harddisk it really begins to confuse linux, also
it may be playing havoc with your BIOS.

You may find that linux is trying to initialise the wrong partition and
the problem begins there.  Everytime I play with my partitions I have to
run through the process of running lilo and also make sure all references
in /etc/fstab and still correct.  Easily done by flicking through the
output of the linux version of fdisk.

For a proper fix I recommend using partition magic to REMOVE the actual
hibernate partition, if you have one otherwise remember to leave space for
it (usually your make it the size of your memory on the laptop and add
about 4Mb) and make sure its at the END of you harddisk) and then once you
are happy with your partition table run HDPREPEZ and see if that fixes the

hope this helps


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