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Re: Emacs questions

On 14 Jun 2000, Gary Hennigan wrote:
> "Jeffrey Knight" <knight@ru4.com> writes:
> > Thanks for the responses; i know this isn't an Emacs mailing list ---
> > How can this be possible?  The bloated Emacs with every feature known to
> > humanity can't do the one thing that lil' ol' vim does with ease: give me
> > syntax highlighting outside of X?
> > That emacs FAQ does look bad ... i'll investigate further and let you all
> > know what i find!
> Please, let's not start an Emacs -vs- vi -vs- joe -vs- ae -vs- ad
> nauseum flame fest here. Each person has their own preferences and
> it's unlikely that anyone is going to change anybody's opinon here.
> One of the great things about this list is that it's low on volume and
> high on valid posts. An editor flame fest would skew that
> significantly.
I agree however I did have to mention it :)  Emacs does many things vim
doesn't but its not my cup of tea (or coffee) thats all :)


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