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Re: Emacs questions

"Jeffrey Knight" <knight@ru4.com> writes:
> Thanks for the responses; i know this isn't an Emacs mailing list ---
> How can this be possible?  The bloated Emacs with every feature known to
> humanity can't do the one thing that lil' ol' vim does with ease: give me
> syntax highlighting outside of X?
> That emacs FAQ does look bad ... i'll investigate further and let you all
> know what i find!

Please, let's not start an Emacs -vs- vi -vs- joe -vs- ae -vs- ad
nauseum flame fest here. Each person has their own preferences and
it's unlikely that anyone is going to change anybody's opinon here.

One of the great things about this list is that it's low on volume and
high on valid posts. An editor flame fest would skew that


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