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Re: XFree86, ATI Rage Mobility

> Hugo van der Merwe writes:
> | There's not much funny about my XF86Config file. It's just the one that
> | was generated by XF86Setup.
> Well, it's a starting point.  Thanks.

I upgraded yesterday to the latest X version in unstable (well, at least
on the local mirror). Now resolution switching doesn't work anymore: my
screen goes completely haywire, slowly flooding white from the top left
corner, until it really looks bad for the monitor. It did that also when I
had wdm running with two displays, one on vt12, and one on vt11. After
booting, vt12 starts flooding. vt11 still works, so switching to it is the
only solution. Textmode VT's don't work either.

Anyone else with similar experience, or any ideas what it might be? I
experience this with the XF86_SVGA server as well as the Mach64 one. With
the previous version, SVGA was fine, just the Mach64 one, which anyway had
vertical banding, "flooded" when I tried resolution changes.

Hugo van der Merwe

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