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Re: Changing processor speeds

Alexander Clouter wrote:

> due to microsofts infinite wisdom dos (and so windoze) has trouble
> handling more than 1024 cylinders (if I remember correctly).

Much as I love a good M$-bashing occasionally, I don't think this is
Microsoft's doing. The 1024 cylinder limit was in the original design of
the PC BIOS. Those engineers just couldn't see that anyone would ever
have a 30GB disk drive on a PC :-)

On most PC's, running any kind of modern operating system (including
Windoze), the 1024 limit only applies at boot time. Whatever program is
loaded at boot time must not be stored beyond cylinder 1024. I am told
that there are some newer BIOS's that can play games with the disk
geometry and translate block and cylinder numbers on the fly, to make it
look like the disk has a different geometry than it actually has, and
get around this limitation. But that is a function of the BIOS, not the
operating system.


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