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Re: Changing processor speeds

> > definately shadows something (actually two things, I think). What
> > impact does this "shadow" stuff have?
> > 
> It should make your machine faster, I've always put them on and never
> noticed any problems.  However it makes the machine run faster by
> using a small amount of you memory, if you have 8Mb or more it
> shouldn't really be noticed.  If you have 16Mb then definitly leave
> this on.  This is my humble (and unprofessional) opinion :)

Hmm, I thought I heard something about linux not using these
optimizations. (Maybe does its own?) I have plenty of ram, so it isn't a

> really does sound like you have a phoenix bios.  There is an option,
> its called Boot Sequence.  Although you can't disable booting from
> disk you can give it a lower priority and make it occur after its
> searched the harddisk.  Beware though, I would use the sequence Disk
> -> CDROM -> Harddisk -> Whatever remains.  This is because if you run
> into problems you can either boot off a disk or cdrom without firstly
> going through your bios settings and change them so they will boot off
> the disk or cdrom.

I believe I do. I did set the sequence to HDD -> CDROM -> Disk, but it is
still possible to get to a "menu" by pressing escape at boot time. I don't
mind entering bios setup to change the option. I don't have problems that

> Besides you shouldn't need to reboot your machine much as you are running
> linux :)

I'm not the only one using the machine, so I'd like to secure it. (Either 
because I'm paranoid, or because I'd like to brag about my machine being
secure... <g>)

Hugo van der Merwe

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