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Re: Maestro sound card, scratching

> What type of music are you playing? I too have noticed the scratching
> on my laptop with an ESS Maestro 2 sound chip, but only when playing
> MP3 files, I don't hear this when I play CD's, and I don't hear it
> when I play MP3's on my desktop with a Soundblaster card. If, in fact,
> we are talking about the same "scratching" sound, I doubt if it's your
> hardware, it is more likely the driver. This is a relatively new chip
> and the driver I have for it is a beta version; I don't even know if
> there is an officially supported Linux driver for it.

I can confirm that the thing does NOT scratch when playing CD's (playing
both at the same time, with the mp3 scratching, the CD not). It also
scratches for wav files though - I played mp3's until it started
scratching, then played a wave, and stopped the mp3, and it continued
scratching. Thus, it is not only mp3's, but probably all "pcm" stuff, or
as it would be called in windows, everything that uses the "wave" device,
or something like that. It could then still be hardware, as CD, wave, etc.
are all on seperate "channels" (?). I just have the driver that comes with
kernel 2.2.14 sources. If you believe it is drivers, I'll just wait it out
with you... <g>  BTW, does the Maestro support midi? I usually use
timidity anyway, but I noticed that /dev/sequener doesn't work, and there
is no midi channel in the mixer. Is this just not in the driver yet, or is
it not on the card? (Just if you happen to know anyway.)


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