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Changing processor speeds

Hello all,

I have a Toshiba Libretto 70CT that I use a fair amount for MP3s. I've
noticed over the last couple of months that after some suspend/resume
cycles, the processor will go slower, causing the player to skip. BogoMIPS
confirms this; the rating is either 158 or 238; if I'm inferring things
correctly, that means a drop from 120mhz to 80mhz. Another suspend/resume
cycle usually fixes things. I've noted the problem ever since trying to
use TuxTime a couple of months back. For the curious: 

Linux 2.2.13/i586
APM BIOS 1.2 (kernel driver 1.9)

Nothing else really seems topical. AFAICT, the system doesn't care about
the speed change.


My MP3 player says:
I'm currently listening to "Another One Bites The 
Dust", by Queen. Rock on!

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