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Re: 2.2.15 kernel boot freezes at "running ntpdate..."

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, Mark Phillips wrote:
> > I was wrong.  The problem was ntpdate.  It was trying to poll the internet
> > while not connected to it.
> The thing which is puzzling me is: why did the 2.0.36 boot fine and
> successfully get past ntpdate?  You see, that is why I initially
> didn't believe the problem was with ntpdate.  If the problem was that
> it was trying to poll the net while not connected to it, then this
> problem would have been the same for both kernels.
> The only thing I can think of is that with the older kernel, pcmcia
> stuff is broken, which means perhaps the networking stuff would behave
> slightly differently?  It's a bit of a vague explanation --- anyone
> got some clearer ideas?
In the 2.0.x kernels the routing table was not automagically set up.  The
part that is causing the 'problem' is the default route.  This adds the
line to your routing table that to speak to any IP address you talk to a
certain machine, called a gateway.  I actually began to notice this
problem once I was setting up gateways on local networks.  When the
gateway is unavailable then you computer will constantly poll the
non-existant gateway machine.

Easiest thing to do is when you machine boots up and hangs at that point
press 'q' which stops the ntpdate daemon looking around, or is it <Ctrl>-C
(I never can remember, it is something *very* simple).

> P.S. It's not urgent as now the new kernel boots, but I'm just
> curious.
I hope thats satisfied your hunger :)

ta ra


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