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Re: time

On Jan 1, 1990, yojack@smtp03.mail.gol.com wrote:

> I'm having trouble setting my time on a Toshiba 2100cds. I did a clean
> install of potato a week ago and the time reads Jan 1 1990? (1) How do I
> change this? (2) How do I keep the time accurate when I turn off it off?

I used to have this problem intermittently with my Toshiba Portege
7020CT.  Fortunately, I don't anymore; unfortunately for you, I have no
idea what it was that fixed it. :-}  It did seem to be correlated with
whether I had suspended the computer (via apm -s) in the previous
session, which would seem to corroborate the hypothesis in another reply
that the problem is APM-related.


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