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Re: Suspend and X

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 09:59:33AM -0300, jvicente@banelco.com.ar wrote:
>>No ideas about your problem, here's what happens for me in X:
>>  apm -s              change to vt 1, suspend to disk
>>  close on ac power   no effect (bios option)
>>  close on battery    change to vt1, suspend to disk
> Your suspend to disk, is it an "hibernate"?

At first I thought so, but now I'd want to suspend, wait a few days,
and then check the battery power. A few seconds after I close the
system the disk spins up for a few seconds and then the LEDs, fan, and
hard drive all shut down.

I saw a note that linux doesn't support hibernate yet. Unless the bios
can handle hibernate alone, what I thought was suspend to disk
probably isn't hibernate.

Lee Bradshaw                 lee@sectionIV.com (preferred)
Alantro Communications       lee@alantro.com

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