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Re: hello

A little OT, but worth checking if you have general networking problems:
can you "ping localhost"? else, uncomment the line 'iface lo inet
loopback' in /etc/network/interfaces, then do an
"/etc/init.d/networking restart". 


Tomas Clements <tomas@kahuna.clayton.edu> writes:

> Hi
> 	my name is Tomas (as if you couldnt tell).  Ive been using SuSE Linux for about 6 months, and decided Id give debian a shot.  Ive basically got everything going on it, but I still have a couple of problems.  well one really.  Im having trouble connecting over my network at school.  I cant use the network at all actually.  the error I get is that operation not permitted on sending, but i seem to be recieving just fine.  anyone else seen this problem?
> tomasg

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