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Debian 2.2 (Potato) Install problem

I' hoping someone will be able to suggest a way to get telnet running so
I can finish installing Potato on an old laptop to use as a server on a
10base2 LAN.

The computer is a Cardstar 3000 - 80486-DX33 8MB RAM - 120MB HDD (16
Swap 102 as "/"). A problem TFT VGA screen.

The Cardstar is unusual in having a 2/3 length ISA slot in which I ran
an NE2000 clone NIC under 2.1. I decided that I'd like the 2.2 kernel
and learn how to use ipchains.

Physically reaching the machine is awkward as space constrains have me
standing to use the keyboard.

Somewhere in the install things went awry with the network as the
settings did not get saved in the appropriate files. I added hosts and
my ISP DNS to resolv.conf but had to manually set ipconfig for the IP
and route for the gateway to my desktop. Having done so I was able to
ftp to get the remaining files.
Unfortunately my choices were not so good as I ram out of disk spave and
dselect couldn't do anything. I have man on my Solo and HOWTO on cd so I
manually removed all them but with little success. I then saw that
locales took up 14.4MB so removed all of them and dselect was able to

At this point an old problem recurred with the screen. It failed
completely abit 4 years ago (19 months after purchase) was gone for 6
months and came back with an intermittent problem - the screen stays in
the start-up, edge-lit white, state. I can get flashes of the screen
100-200ms by cycling the standby switch. In the past I have been able to
recover with a reboot but not this time and in doing so I've lost the
network - "network unavailable".

What I am hoping to do, and need help with, is to write the necessary
files, using my Solo, onto floppy, add a script to get telnet setup and
continue using telnet. I seem to remember adding telnetd in "Select" but
am unclear if this gives both client and server.

I could shut down my desktop and use the monitor off that but it is
running as a server for the Net and used by other family members and I
think it will take me a while to work everything out.

Sorry for the length of the post. Any help, what to add to which files
etc. would be very welcome.


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