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Re: hello

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Tomas Clements wrote:
> 	my name is Tomas (as if you couldnt tell).  Ive been using SuSE
> Linux for about 6 months, and decided Id give debian a shot.  Ive
> basically got everything going on it, but I still have a couple of
> problems.  well one really.  Im having trouble connecting over my
> network at school.  I cant use the network at all actually.  the error
> I get is that operation not permitted on sending, but i seem to be
> recieving just fine.  anyone else seen this problem?
how do you know you are receiving?  what error message are you getting
with sending?  when you say you are sending/receiving what are you
actually doing/testing?

Firstly can you ping anything?

send me a copy of your network settings and a print out of 'ifconfig eth0'
and 'route'.  Is your network DHCP based or is it a fixed IP setup?

I (and others) would love to help however there are not enough details.


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