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> Carlos Menezes writes:
> | Does someone tested the pcmcia (fast) ethernet card DLINK 650? Is it
> | Linux compatible?
> I have a DFE-650.  Works a charm:
> Socket 0: KTI ETHER-C16 Fast ethernet
> 0       network pcnet_cs        0       eth0
> It suffers over suspend; I need to restart pcmcia services.  I believe
> this a common issue with many cards.  This is in a DELL I7K.
> Mx.

Funny, I think this is the same card I use in my Magio, it works great.
However, I always set pcmcia services to "eject" my card on suspension.
I believe this gives them better life - but I do it because I hop two to
four sites and rarely am reawakening at the same one, so dhcp must
re-gauge anyway.

-* Heather Stern * star@starshine.org *-

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