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Re: sound on 8100

Norman Walsh wrote:

> / Peter Firmstone <q8902929@topaz.cqu.edu.au> was heard to say:
> | > Has anybody successfully installed any sound on the tecra 8100?
> Nope, but it's next on my list :-)
> | > Here is my current problem:
> | > 1) running anything but oss ; doesn't work;
> | > 2) running oss with no x & apmd killed ; works great;
> What drivers?
> | I suspect your sound card is a Yahama opl3-sa3.  Have a look in your
> | boot
> | sequence or "$/bin/dmesg | more " to see what your kernel thinks the
> | sound card
> I've been trying to build sound support as a module, so I don't see
> any messages (even when I try to load the modules), but on my 8100,
> Win98 says there are two sound devices:
>   Yamaha DS-XG Legacy Sound System
>     (IRQ 5, DMA 01, I/O 220-22F, ...)
> and
>   Yamaha DS-XG PCI Audio CODEC
>     (IRQ 11, I/O FF00-FF3F, ...)
> | Failing that tell us more about your hardware, maybe send us the output
> | of
> | /bin/dmesg.
> Any thoughts?
>                                         Be seeing you,
>                                           norm
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Hey Norm,

Here's a lead, I'm afraid the oss sound driver isn't suitable, your going to
have to track down the driver, I looked in the developement kernel docs
(that doesn't mean its not in there though) I couldn't see it.

Try emailing these fella's, let us know on the list how you go too.


Peter Firmstone.


      From: David Pollack <david@da3.net>
      Subject: Re: Yamaha DS-XG card
      Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 11:14:30 -0700

      Well, i have DS-XG and downloaded the free sound drivers and got it
      working in like 15 minutes... It automatically detected my sound card
      and started working. Of course i did have to recompile the kernel so
      that it didn't automatically load up a sound driver, but I think that
      you can just edit the /etc/inittab file.

      Gene Heskett wrote:
      > Unrot13 this;
      > Reply to: <trar_urfxrgg@vbyvap.arg>
      > Gene Heskett sends Greetings to degackz ;
      > > www.opensound.com (or 4front?? ) Spend $30 and spend 2 hours
      > > it up and tweaking controls and you'll have sound!! good luck
      > Yes, but how do we know it will work?  The freebie has no support
      > this card whatsoever, requiring you to off with an extra tenner to
      > it. The extra tenner isn't the problem but the lack of any demo at
      > spooks me, bad enough I think I'll pitch this card in the trash and
      > a sounblaster or similar.
      > I bought the card based on what the box said it could do, but so far
      > experiments with various drivers have me  convinced its the only
card in
      > the world capable of bringing linux to a halt.  The end of the song
      > playing, when you can get it to play one, is always, 100% of the
time, a
      > locked machine, recoverable only by the reset or power switches.
      > So I'll stop the bleeding, and maybe give it to some windoze user or

      > something.
      > > In article <378F72AB.BD1BA5F9@bigfoot.com>,
      > >   Steve Maughan <Steve.Maughan@bigfoot.com> wrote:
      > >> Does anyone know how to set up the Yamaha DS-XG sound card under
      > >> linux? I've been playing around in the sound config utility but
      > >> far it hasn't worked... Any ideas would be much appreciated.
      > Cheers, Gene
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