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Re: Wanted: Cheap laptop-model

> On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Ralph Baumfalk wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I am looking for a cheap laptop-model
> > (not a cheap place to buy).
> > 
> > I mean which company produces cheap laptops?
> > 
> > Can You help me?

You haven't defined what you consider to be cheap - if you're thinking
less than a grand, and you don't mind used, try an auction site like eBay.

If you're thinking less than 2 grand they're around.  Some vendors are even
pre-loading Linux - which solves the question of whether X is a lost cause
on it, if nothing else.  <plug>You could see if Tuxtops' "value" model fits 
your definition, it's approx 1500 but you can tweak.</plug>

> i know you specifically didn't ask this, but at
> www.imperialdirect.com they have several "off-brand"
> laptops, including Arm (note: i have an Arm TS759 and am 
> very happy with it), ProStar, Sagar, Twinhead, and a couple 
> of others.  they all seem to be less expensive, but not
> quite as "slick" as the name brands.  

> PS you can go directly to arm at www.armcomputer.com

ARM is an importer, and some of the major brands are really ARM under the

My past experience with Sager machines was good, but their customer service
sucked.  Good thing I never needed tech support from them.  It was, however,
so many years ago that my knowledge maybe completely invalid.  No experience
directly with the other names named.
-* Heather * star@starshine.org *-

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