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Re: 2 monitors on a ...

Yes this is a definite drawback. I'm used to the
Windows environment with my Thinkpads, which can
easily plug into any standard montior and still have
enough juice left to run the LCD.

I've been trying to get an IBM Thinkpad 486 (Model
360CSE) up and running with Linux and for 2 weeks the
'monitor' problem has had me stumped. As long as I'm
plugged in to the external monitor I have a screen I
can read. If I leave it unplugged I've got a nearly
blank DSTN (last time I re-configured the xf86config
file I got 5 thin colored lines, one hanging from the
top and the others poking up from the bottom of the
screen, so I'm getting close).

Lately most businesses are moving to laptops because
they can encourage employees to work all over the
place. There will be more laptops than desktop
stand-alones in the near future. I think Linux needs a
fix for this.


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