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thinkpad , debian doesn t start

I installed Debian GNU/Linux on a IBM Thinkpad 600 type 2645 450 from
CD linux central. The machine have 2 Gb linux partition with swap 64Mb
, the same in RAM. The first partition is with WindowsNT 1.8 Gb. I
followed all the steps in instalation , putting CD#2 to start and CD#1
to install base system. There is no mistake during this process. But
when I started rebooting , no message 'system halted' after 'sending
killsig to all processes'. Hard booting from a floppy, the system load
root and linux and stop. I make 2 rescue floppys with rawrite tecra
and not tecra. same thing. Using orders at boot like 'linux floppy=thinkpad'
or 'linux root=/dev/hda6/' or anything like this idem. It acts likes
if the system doesnt find the hard drive. What I forgot to do ?
Debian GNU release 2.1  linux 2.0.36

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