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Re: lilo as boot manager possible ?

>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin F Zhou <zhoub@fisci.com> writes:

  Benjamin> Hi, I have a Win98 and a Linux installed on my notebook in
  Benjamin> two primary partitions.  During Linux setup, I chose Linux
  Benjamin> as default boot partition because I thought "default"
  Benjamin> means you dont have to choose if want Lnux.

  Benjamin> But after that I notice I could not choose to boot
  Benjamin> DOS/Win98 partion anymore. I have to use fdisk to set that
  Benjamin> partion to "active" in order to boot Win98 partition.

  Benjamin> this is really tedious and could be dangerous. Is there a
  Benjamin> way I can set lilo to offer me an option to boot from the
  Benjamin> other partition?

Her's my lilo.conf (/dev/hda1 => win, /dev/hda3 => linux)

boot = /dev/hda
delay = 40
vga = normal
root = /dev/hda3
default = new

image = /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.14
	label = linux
image = /boot/bzImage-2.2.14
	label = new
other = /dev/hda1
	label = win
	table = /dev/hda

When lilo is printed, press CTRL and type "win" or "linux".

Laurent Martelli
martelli@iie.cnam.fr                        http://www.linuxfan.com/~laurent

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