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Re: Please tell your success story

On Mar 15, 2000, Dieter Ebner wrote:

> Who has recently bought a laptop and was able to install LINUX?

If no one else has suggested it, may I recommend the Linux on Laptops
page?[1]  They won't all be Debian-specific (which I imagine is what you
were interested in, given the mailing list you chose), but it should
give you some information.

> Could you please tell me the exact type of your laptop + how you have solved  
> problems.

My weapon of choice was a Toshiba Portege 7020CT.  It's one of the ones
that needs the 'tecra' boot disks.

> I am particularly interested in laptops of the higher class:
> 6-15 GB HD

6.4 here.

> 64-128 MB RAM


> USB, serial, parallel

Check, check and check, though I can't confirm actual functionality of
USB.  The serial and parallel ports are on a separate port expander.

> floppy

External, but works like a charm.

> DVD instead of CD

The Portege has a separate docking station, which can be had with a CD
or DVD drive.  I have neither, but the DVD docking station has been
reported to work.[2]

> 14" color

14.1" IIRC, at 1024x768.  I have it running at 8-bit, but 24 is reported
to work.  You'll need X 3.3.5 or later to support the video chip, IIRC.

> external wheel mouse possible

(shrug) I can neither confirm nor deny.

> sound

ESS Maestro 2e; no luck so far. :-(  (And yes, I know about Zach Brown's
driver;[3] that's what I've been having no luck with...)

> modem and/or Ethernet included

Has a Winmodem; the Lucent driver is reported to work.  The docking
station has an Ethernet interface that is reported to work.  Myself, I
use a 3Com PCMCIA Ethernet/modem combo card.


[1] <URL:http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/kharker/linux-laptop/>
[2] <URL:http://agnes.dida.physik.uni-essen.de/~anja/linux/portege7020.html>
[3] <URL:http://people.redhat.com/zab/maestro/>

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