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Re: Problems on a Thinkpad 380D

xeh007> I'm using the Debian official CD set version 2.1r2 (that's
xeh007> 2.0.36 kernel and 2.0 glibc) and the disk images provided with
xeh007> it.  When I try to boot with the rescue floppy, I get the boot
xeh007> prompt just like normal, but no matter what I enter, it just
xeh007> loads root.bin and the linux kernel, then reboots back to the
xeh007> boot prompt.

xeh007> Any help would be appreciated.

i used to have a similar problem when installing debian on 600s and 770s.

what i ended up doing was one of:

  -using disk images for a 2.2.x-based kernel
  -finding/making a zimage-based rescue floppy

sorry if this isn't terribly helpful.  may be others on the list can
be of more help.

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