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Re: Thinkpad 240

sen_ml@eccosys.com writes:

> a.genkin> I'll be getting an IBM Thinkpad 240 shortly. Are there any gotchas in
> a.genkin> installing Linux onto it?
> if you do go to the linux on laptops page, you may end up looking at
> one of my pages.  the short while that i was able to play w/ one, i
> didn't get sound working, but x worked fine.  you should be able to
> pick up the XF86Config file off of a link from the page -- if you use
> it, make sure to tweak the keyboard settings if you don't have a
> japanese keyboard ;-)

Been there. There's only one link to Thinkpad 240, and that link is
broken. I think that it should be yours, because it contains "sen" in
the url.

I could not access this page, unfortunately, when I first tried 3 days
ago, and today, too, Netscrape tells me that "the document contained no
data". ;^(

> other than that and what's on the page, i don't think i'll be much
> more help as i no longer have access to one.
> it was a nice machine, but 800x600 just doesn't cut it for me anymore
> *grin*  i wish they would release a larger screen version of it...

I tried it in a store, and I really liked the keyboard. The resolution
is indeed a bit low, but anything better would probably look too small
on a 10.4" display.

Thanks for your reply. If you could get your TP240 webpage up, that
would be really great!
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Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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