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Re: boot...reboot...reboot...

On Tue, 09 Nov 1999, David Reviejo wrote:
> There are two solutions that I know of:
>   1) apply a patch, which flushes the cache.  Unfortunately this
>      causes other machines to crash so is not universally applicable
>      (hence the tecra disks being segragated from the mainstream)
>   2) build a zimage, rather than bzimage kernel.  This seems to get
>      round the problem. use the --zimage option to make-kpkg, or even
>      set this as the default in /etc/kernel-pkg.conf.
> If this is your problem, the kernel image from the Slink second CD is a zImage;
> you can use this until you build one by your own.
I used the 3rd solution. I turned off the cache. It started remarkable slow,
but better than nothing. Then I compiled as first thing a new kernel zImage,
ran LILO, turned the cache back on - done.


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