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I just installed Debian 2.1r2, 2.0.36 kernel on a Toshiba Satellite
Pro 440CDX.  I figured out I needed the "tecra" images, everything goes
like butter, installing from CD's.  I built a custom boot disk after
install and prior to rebooting the first time; just in case, I intend
to build a custom kernel.

On reboot, the POST happens, LILO (there is no Windows here, thank you)
and the Loading Linux . . . . . . . . . . .

And the machine insists upon re-running the BIOS.  It goes on like
this.  Booting with the floppy I created does the same thing.  I
scanned the digests here and saw nothing comparable; I've conned every
Toshiba Satellite related install brief I could find on the web.  I
would reinstall but I'm not sure what I would/could do differently.

Ideas anyone?  Boot params?
Michael Haarman                                illigitimi non ingravare

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