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Re: Help: exim not accepting mail!

Hi Drew;

I have been running potato on the machine that handles mail for a long time
now but remember having the problem you described.

I wish I was more sure that this is your problem than I am but...
In your fetchmailrc file I think you need:
        set invisible (near the top)
        smtphost <your qualified host name> (for each fetch entry)

I don't have ANY "localhost" entry in /etc/exim.conf.
If you don't have a local network I am not sure how many of these are needed
for your configuration in the exim.conf file:

        local_domains = <your domain name-no leading dot>
        relay_domains = *.<your domain name>
        local_domains_include_host = true
        local_domains_include_host_literals = true
        sender_net_accept_relay = xxx.xxx.xxx.0/24 <-your ip NET address
                                        (this is the net for your real ip
                                         address and NOT the one from your
                                         ISP if it is dynamic)
        rfc1413_except_nets = *.<domain of mail source>:*.<domain of other
                                                           mail source, etc>
        smtp_verify = false
        qualify_domain = <fully qualified domain name of your machine>
        primary_hostname = <fully qualified domain name of your machine>

I won't pretend that I know enough about mail to claim that this is the
correct and proper way to set this up... I can only claim that it works.

In addition you probably will need to add some lines such as this example at
the end of the exim.conf file (in the REWRITE CONFIGURATION section) for 
each user on your machine(s):

        <username>@* <remote email address> Ffrs

The purpose of this last is to ensure that mail initiated on your machine
has a vaild internet email address in all appropriate fields.  This can also
be done (a little differently) in the ROUTERS CONFIGURATION if you don't like
seeing local only mail with "external world" mail addresses.  That is with the
entry in the REWRITE CONFIGURATION then a message that you send to a user on
your machine will have the "from" and "reply-to" name of your remote email

Hope this helps.


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