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Re: misc. (ThinkPad 38[05]XD support)

Thomas Vogels decía:
> Sweet.  Check my config file if you need the SB options.
> Even rvplayer works, although only in 8 bit.  Note that the sound card
> uses a CS4237.

You can use CS4232 and have duplex in kernels 2.2.x. If you ever get it
working as modules, upload the .config for us to see :)
It would also help to know what your BIOS tells you about IRQS and DMAs.
My main problem is that I don't seem to be able to translate those values
into my .config file, so seeing other people's BIOSes vs .configs may be of
great help. /etc/conf.modules would also be appreciated.

My BIOS says this:
SB I/O 530h
WSS I/O 220h
Adlib I/O 388h
1st DMA 1
2nd DMA 0

I made it work as a SB compiled into the kernel but I want to have it as a 
CS4232 module and I am very lost.

Kind regards
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