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Re: XFree Resolutions

On Sep 22, Bryce Riner wrote:
> Is there anyone who has tried to get resolutions other than 800x600
> and 640x480 to work in X properly on a NeoMagic?  I've gotten lower
> modes to work without being stretched to the whole screen.  I know
> these modes can be stretched to the whole LCD because they work in
> Windows.  Is this a problem with the amount of information NeoMagic
> released, X Server stretching code, or a configuration issue?

I use 1024x768 on a VAIO laptop without problems.  At least on my
laptop, the screen stretching is handled by the really-low-level
hardware on the laptop (Fn-F toggles from full-screen to centered).

I don't know how to get at the stretching functionality directly, but
the interface must be in there somewhere.

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