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RE: where do I find pcmcia Xircom IIps drivers?

On 21-Sep-99 Mark Wright wrote:
> I've been using the stable Debian distribution with my Toshiba Satellite
> CDT230, with no problems (well, with few problems) for a few months now.  To
> enable sound and APM, though, I guess need to compile my own kernel.  But
> when I compile the kernel, I don't see the xircom ii ps module that I need
> for my pcmcia network card.  I don't see the code for it anywhere in the
> /usr/src/linux (2.0.36) source code tree.  Can anyone tell me how to add
> pcmcia networking support to my custom kernel?

In 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 all pcmcia drivers live in a separate source tree.  This
is available in Debian via the pcmcia source package.  See my post on
debian-laptop earlier today "Upgrading slink kernel -> 2.2.12 -no pcmcia".

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