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Unidentified subject!

Dear Sir: 

	I'd like to know how to arrange disk space for the directory of different partition.
Following partition table is my plan to do:

	2 GB HD Space for Linux:
	Partition			Space(MB)
	------------		------------
	/			?
	/usr			?
	/usr/local			?
	/home			?
	/var			?
	swap			127

	/tmp -----> /home/tmp	- Symbolic Link
	/var/tmp -----> /home/tmp	- Symbolic Link

	Here is my personal intention to implement Linux on my laptop:

	1. Creat muti-user account, testing platform for operating UNIX like OS.
	2. May install/uninstall dozens of packages at any time and any intention.
	3. May quickly erase whole OS by reinstalling source disk but without re-
	    installing package and losing my personal data.
	4. Switching form place to place, eg. Locally, My home LAN, Other LAN.
	5. Reserving almost 2 GB HD space for Linux Usage(including OS, Package
	    , Personal Data...etc.)

	I'd like to hear anyones' opinion of my partition structure and how should I
distribute the Disk space into each partition is most proper?  Thanks !

  ' v '
 //   \\      
/(     )\    Nazareth Shu / Taiwan, R.O.C.
  ^ ~ ^

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