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Re: Installing Slink on TP 760 ED

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm goofing around with a Thinkpad 760 ED (sans CD drive) and trying to
> put version 2.1 on it.  I have an 810 MB drive with 64 MB of that
I know how you feel, tight... isn't it?

> devoted to swap.  My first trip through dselect left me with way too

It's not easy, try to go for the stuff that is most important to you... gcc,
g++, X, Xserver.. and let the dependencies take care of themselves... It's most
beneficial to do it that way on a small system (drive).  Add packages as you
find that you need them.   Use 'apt-get' if your laptop has network access...
dependencies are taken care of much easier.

> much stuff to install (device full errors!), so I'm curious as to any
> package recommendations.  Also, what if any tips can anyone provide for
> hardware support on the 760.  I seem to have problems trying to write to
> the floppy, so what do I need to do to get it operational?  The video
> hardware seems to be the Trident 9320 chipset.  What light can anyone
> shed with regard to getting X to fly?
> I'm an intermediate Slackware hand trying to come over to "the Debian
> way" so everything is familiar and a bit foreign at the same time.  Add
> to that the complexity of a laptop...

Again, I know how you feel, Slackware 96 is where I left...

> Thanks,
> - Nate >>
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