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Installing Slink on TP 760 ED


I'm goofing around with a Thinkpad 760 ED (sans CD drive) and trying to
put version 2.1 on it.  I have an 810 MB drive with 64 MB of that
devoted to swap.  My first trip through dselect left me with way too
much stuff to install (device full errors!), so I'm curious as to any
package recommendations.  Also, what if any tips can anyone provide for
hardware support on the 760.  I seem to have problems trying to write to
the floppy, so what do I need to do to get it operational?  The video
hardware seems to be the Trident 9320 chipset.  What light can anyone
shed with regard to getting X to fly?

I'm an intermediate Slackware hand trying to come over to "the Debian
way" so everything is familiar and a bit foreign at the same time.  Add
to that the complexity of a laptop...


- Nate >>


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