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Re: X on NeoMagic

At 13:41 13/09/99 -0500, Clint A. Brubakken wrote:
>I saw that X supports this but the version that comes with 2.1 doesn't. 
>I need to things. First how to just upgrade X. (I don't want to go over to
>potato if I can avoid it), or how to replace it with a new version I
>compile my self.
I have a 256AV chipset. You have two solutions: either keep your present
XFree86 and use the XFCom Neomagic XServer (that's what i was doing), which
is if i remember well on the Debian CD. Then you just have to copy their
XF86Config sample file and adapt it tou your spec (800X600X24 bpp for me).
It's not important (i think) to specify the memory, it seems to detect it
automatically (2.5 Mb for the 256AV).

The other solution is to get the xfree86-common_3.3.4-1.deb and install it
'dpkg -i xfree86-common_3.3.4-1.deb' on your system. Then the neomagic
chipsets are supported in XF86Setup . I install 3.3.4 on my laptop but i
used my old XF86Config file as it was working, so i didn't use XF86Setup.

>Second How to figure how much Video Ram it has (It still has Win 98 on it,
>so I can play games on the road), which I assume I need, as every other
>time I set up X it needed it.
Well, the best way i think is to look at the spec of your laptop on the
manufacturer's web site.
If you have DirectX installed under win98, run dxdiag (or something like
that, it's in my windows/system/ dir) and under 'display' you will see how
much memory your card have. I have DirectX 6.1 (in French) so it may differ
for the other versions.
I can't remember to have seen that anywhere else in windows. Or if you have
a diagnotic software on your laptop, it may tell you the amount of video
memory (there is PC Doctor on my Thinkpad)

Hope that helps


Sebastien KALT

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