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RE: v1.0 Debian Laptop Proposal

On 14-Sep-99 Cory L Hubert wrote:
>       Make sure you have as much Neomagic support in as possible.   I am
having a
> killer time configuring X.

The X I mentioned in my last mail should work.  Beyond that, the X in potato is
as new as 3.3.4 (maybe five).

I have a vaio, which is neomagic 128 based, most neomagic chips are simple 2
meg cards, some have 4 and (I ahve heard) 6.

For settings I choose midrange values in xf86config and it works.  My vaio only
does 800x600, new ones (new neo magic 128's) do 1024x768.  The specs for your
laptop should be helpful here, if not look on the web site for your machine.

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