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Re: IBM Thinkpad or a Toshiba?

> would you mind giving some specific details on what you mean by "sound
> does't work properly [on a neomagic chipset]"?

i've had reports from about 6 other people of the same thing.  basically
sound works fine until you suspend/hibernate/save to disk.  after that it
just doesn't work right.  either you get no sound at all, or it stutters
like a skipping record.  the error it reports is:

Sep  8 19:16:48 heyzeus kernel: Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error? 

reboot and it works just fine.

> the reason i ask is that i think the 600 series use the neomagic chipset
> and i did get sound working -- but i am not sure if i got things working
> 'properly' :-)

you can see what i did at my thinkpad 390 page (i haven't updated it in a
little while with the problems):



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