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Re: sorting packages by size

Karl Erickson wrote:

> Drew Parsons:
> >The installation went by so fast, and I was so in
> >shock after having figured out the problem with the
> >tecra images that I mentioned the other day,...
> is there an archive of this list?  i'm just starting in linux, just starting to install debian on my gateway solo 2300.

You can see the list (albeit without size information) when you run dselect.  That's the program to use to install and
uninstall packages.

The list itself is found it /var/lib/dpkg in various files: status or available depending on what you're talking about.

The size information I'm after is given in /var/lib/dpkg/status, and I could write a script myself to display the list of
installed packages sorted by size, but I'll be surprised if this hasn't already been done.    Surely there must be
something already available for doing this!


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