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Toshiba Laptop (same problem)

I aquired a Toshiba T1910CS Satellite and I have been trying for 2 weeks trying to get Linux onto w/o any luck. I have done some research and found out that it wont boot from any disk larger the 720k. I heard that the only way to get linux on that machine is to take it apart, connect the laptop's hard drive to a desktop computer and then install. I tried to take it apart and I couldnt even get that far (it felt like if i forced it anymore I would bust it).

BTW If you want to access the BIOS settings just press ESC on boot. My concearn lays in the fact that the laptop is not y2k compliant and that the fix for that is for windows only. I don't believe that I would ever buy a Toshiba laptop again. (not that I bought this one)

If you have made any progress I would like to hear it becuase I am about to throw the thing in my junk pile.

Thanks, Jim

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