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sorting packages by size

You know, I was just thinking, this is great having this debian-laptop list.  A little club, all of our own, members-only...heh.  Without getting swamped out like what happens with debian-user
(I didn't read my email for one weekend (that was the weekend I was installing slink), and got back to learn that I had completely filled up the mail server partition with messages from
debian-user, and hung the mail daemon!)

Here's my Dumb Question for the day:  is there any way of listing all installed packages by size, so as to help me decide which redundant ones are more worth removing?  dselect only sorts by
type, not by size.

The installation went by so fast, and I was so in shock after having figured out the problem with the tecra images that I mentioned the other day,  that I missed the chance to carefully assess
what it was I was actually installing, apart from having chosen the "workstation" option.  So, among other things, I got both emacs 19 *and* 20 installed!  Now I'd like to be able to trim back
stuff I don't actually need or want, and it would make more sense to sack the larger packages first.

So what's the best way of identifying them?  Any clues?

Drew Parsons

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