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Re: proposal - Debian laptop package/distribution

mattwell@us.ibm.com schrieb:
> I hope you decide to keep this discussion here. It seems very
> apropriate for this forum and I for one am interested in it.
> One thing I would like to see when installing Debian on a laptop
> would be a series of setups that optimise for low power consumption
> such as increased intervals between syncs etc.

Do you mean this one? It's mentioned at Kenneth E. Harkers page:

Mobile Update Daemon

This is a drop-in replacement for the standard "update" daemon 
that is specially tailored for notebooks to reduce 
unnecessary hard disk spin-ups. 

Didn't look up the 'sync' man pages, wether there is
some tailoring possible. Also I'm not sure wether
this is a good solution. AFAIK there has been some
discussion in the mailing lists. But unfortenately
the laptop lists don't seem to be archived :(

If we think this program is worth to be packaged. I 
can contact the developers or try to package it by myself.
But this maybe a to big task for me. I think it requires
some more hardware knowledge. So if you like to do the job ...

:-> werner

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