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Re: proposal - Debian laptop package/distribution

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry schrieb:
> I have been talking to people about this.  Please do contact me and let's put
> something together.
Hi Sean,

so the questions seems: "where to start?" 

I think we shouldn't make things to complex in the beginning:

- so lets start with one kernel package 2.2.12, 
  which includes additionaly to the usual kernel: IrDA, APM, 
  USB, Framebuffer, (Mobile IP) ... [though it seems a not to difficult
  I don't want to do this]

- and the according PCMCIA-CS package 

- start an official Debian laptop page, to collect laptop related
  information (lets start small, too). I suggest to take my 
  proposal. [As long as there is no official Debian page, I can
  host the project.]

- extend the laptop related installation doc. [I can make a
  suggestion to this list and the maintainers]

:-> werner

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