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Re: Vietnamese l10n in Debian (was: Bug#639696: [l10n:vn] Vietnamese translation for gitalist 0.003005+dfsg-3)

Quoting Nguyễn Vũ Hưng (vuhung16plus@gmail.com):

> > Congratulations, Hùng Trần! (doh, I'll apparently have to learn how to
> > properly use first names, given names, etc...and properly address
> > people in Vietnamese, now!)
> Hello all,
> Great job!
> Clytie is not so active now.

Unfortunately, yes I know (hello Clytie, I know you read us!).

> Vietnamese translation team for open source (including Debian and
> Ubuntu) is gathering here:
> http://lists.hanoilug.org/listinfo/du-an-most
> We have 170 as of now, it is fun and we are doing more than translating :)

Oh, I don't doubt that. I couldn't attend last year's mini Debconf in
Vietnam, nor will I be able to attend FOSS Asiabut I'll make it some
day or another to your country for a FOSS-related event. Nice to see
that things are raising

> Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy (CC'd), who is working on Gnome, will file sum
> bugs asking for commit of
> new translation soon.
> @Christian PERRIER:
> By the way, please tell me how to get commit access for Vietnamese
> translation team?

You mean Debian Installer, as a start, in order to be able to relay
Magic Clytie for this?

At first, I need people to have a look at Debian Installer i18n
documentation and understand it, how things are organized, etc. Then,
if a member of the team is willing to do the work, I'd be happy to
validate her|him for commit access in Debian Installer SVN (we use SVN
of localization though we use git for other stuff).


Coordination of this can be done in debian-l10n-vietnamese. I can even
subscribe to that list, in order to guide the involved people. The
only requirement is that you don't speak Vietnamese to me (French is
OK, obviously...but I know that French is somehow vanishing in Vietnam

In short, let's go and make this happen!

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