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Completing xorg translations could make Turkish 100% for D-I levels 1-4

Hello folks,

Completing xorg debconf templates translations would bring Turkish to
100% for levels 1 to 4.

This translation was handled by Osman Yüksel up to now.

Would be nice to have it before tonight.


Completing level 5 for full 100% will probably be hard, though:

    aptitude/po/tr.po: 949t55f6u [Erçin EKER]

  dictionaries-common/debian/po/tr.po 28t [Mehmet Türker]
  console-common/po/tr.po 13t [Recai Okta%G�%@]
  console-common/debian/po/tr.po 27t [Recai Okta]
  newt/newt/po/tr.po 4t [Ça%GÄ�%@atay Tengiz]
  debconf/po/tr.po 71t [Recai Okta%G�%@]
  debconf/debian/po/tr.po 16t [Recai Okta]

Missing files:
  dpkg/po/tr.po 920u
  apt/po/tr.po 514u


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