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I need your voice for a Debian Installer demo

This is a reminder to translators of languages for which I didn't receive any
voice file. I add the translation team mailing list so that other
people in the team can maybe send me such localized welcome message.

I'm currently building a nice thingy with no name yet but which could
be called "Bubulle's Automagic Babelbox" or something similar.:-)

The idea is getting a machine which constantly installs itself over
and over, using the new Debian Installer, of course.

The install successively runs in each of the 41 languages d-i is
translated in, up to a fully operational desktop system. Then, it
opens a session, waits for a while, then reboots and installs itself
in the next language.

This box will probably be presented on the Debian booth at the
Solutions Linux expo in Paris (Feb. 2005). The ultimate goal is of
course a useless world record and a nice demo on how Debian is hard to
install (as we keep reading that).

At the end of the session opening, I planned to have the box playing a
nice welcome message in the current language.

*Here* I need you. 

It seems obvious that I will miss some languages and, anyway,
this is more or less turning out into an interesting collection of
Debian voices all around the world.

See http://www.perrier.eu.org/debian/voices for what I have already

So, if you want to participate, please just record yourself saying
"Hello and welcome to your new Debian system in <language>" where
<language> is of course your own language name.

Example: "Bonjour et bienvenue sur votre nouveau syst� Debian en

Then just put the result somewhere to be picked up and send me the
URL. Or send me the sound file attached to an e-mail if that is not a
problem for you.  Thus, everyone will be able to listen to your nice

So, I need the sample quite soon (before Jan. 28th).

Please note that these files are likely to be used in a public event
and just don't record yourself if you don't want your voice to be used
that way.

Please record WAV files if possible, but I'll be able to handle other
sound format, I guess. Be aware that I'm not a sound processing guru


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