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Re: Please update debconf translations for tetex-base and tetex-bin

* Frank Küster [2004-09-10 13:57:05+0200]
> after some changes to our debconf templates, we have asked some native
> english speakers for comments on the english version. Following their
> suggestions, we have made changes in nearly every message string.
> Consequently, the turkish translation is mostly fuzzy now, and we would
> be glad if you could send us an updated version. If you previously took
> the freedom to tranlate bad english style into good turkish, you'll
> problably not need to do much. But in some cases, also the meaning has
> changed. Therefore it's probably worth to have a look at each
> translation again.
> We would be glad if you could send us the updated files soon; here come
> the files:

Hi Frank,

We have updated Turkish translations: #271343 and #271344.  Thank you
to inform us about the strings change.

Best regards,


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