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Re: Bug#918001: [intl:sv] Updated translation (sv) for apt-listbugs package

On Wed, 2 Jan 2019 08:41:17 +0100 Martin Bagge / brother wrote:

> package: apt-listbugs
> tags: l10n, patch
> thanks
> Plz find the updated translation attached.

Hello Martin,
thanks for sending the updated translation.

I have a couple of questions.

First of all:

#: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:533
msgid "You must install the reportbug package to be able to do this"
msgstr "Du måste installera paketet reportbug för att kunna göra det här"

#: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:584
msgid "You must install a web browser package to be able to do this"
msgstr "Du måste installera en webbläsare för att kunna göra detta"

Why is "to be able to do this" translated differently in these two


#. TRANSLATORS: %{prog} is the name of a program, %{user} is a user name.
#: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:647
msgid ""
"   <num>   - query the specified bug number\n"
"             (uses %{prog} as user %{user}).\n"
msgstr ""
"   <num>   - frågar efter fel identifierat med <num>\n"
"             (genom %{prog} som användare %{user}).\n"

The previous translation of "query the specified bug number" was
"fråga efter det angivna felnumret": why was it replaced? Is the new
translation more accurate?
The new translation seems to correspond more to "query the bug
identified by <num>"...

Please note that I do not speak Swedish, hence I can well be completely
off-track. Bear with me!

Please let me know, thanks for your time.

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