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Re: Orphaned l10n/i18n-related packages

Quoting Fredrik Jervfors (translations@fimbul.net):

> I know Swedish and I've done some Debian packaging for my own servers
> (i.e. not as part of the Debian project). I might try to give it a shot if
> you tell me what to do with this package and provide good documentation
> about official Debian packaging.

You should be able to find the needed documentation by looking for
things like "how can I contribute to Debian" on www.debian.org or

Technical information is of course available under

Sorry for the scarce answer: I most of the time work offline and I
can't easily search for exact URLs in such cases.

One can maintain packages without being an "official" Debian
developer (DD). That sometimes needs the help of a DD (for instance to
upload new packages and releases to the Debian archive). Above resources
give details about methods to contribute often explain how it is
possible to contribute even when not being a DD...

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